Plodding Along

Immortalized in Stone
Today is the first day of October and I’m glad to see September go. Although there are days when I am overwhelmed with everything that I have to do I have accomplished a lot in a month.
I’m still taking it one day at a time. Thanksgiving is coming up but I don’t have the energy to go to Toronto. There are things that I’m just not ready to deal with yet.
Today I’m going to a neighbours for dinner. Tomorrow I’m going to the bank. Saturday is writing class and Monday I have another appointment. Life doesn’t stop…as much as I want it to. It’s been 9 years since Janet died but after each death I’ve had to start over. There is a void that can never be filled. After someone dies “they” say that one shouldn’t make any major changes for a year but in the spring I will have to sell the house. It’s a major change. I’ve grown up in this house. A house that used to be filled with noise and laughter and now it’s just eerily silent.
The title of this blog post is what my cousin’s widow tells me. “We have to plod on”. Thanks for plodding on with me.


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