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Since my Mom has died I have had many, many people give me “advice”.

  1. I shouldn’t isolate myself. Let me tell you what I did this week. Monday had appointment at Diabetes Centre. Tuesday went grocery shopping. Wednesday laundry, Thursday I made final payment at funeral home and today I have Dr appointment. Tomorrow is writing class and Sunday I’m going out for Thanksgiving dinner. Does that look like I’m isolating myself? I don’t want to go to Dr because I am stressed.
  2. I need to make new traditions. Well duh. By the very nature that I have no family to share traditions with it means I have to change what I do. But it doesn’t mean I still can’t send out cards at Christmas or some day put up a tree. These are ways to honour their memories.
  3. Keep busy. I live in a 4 bedroom house. There are always things to do.
  4. keep the same routine. That isn’t possible right now. Things are so up in the air. I’M just taking it one day at a time.
  5. Take care of yourself. I’ve taken care of everyone else for 9yrs I don’t know how to put myself first. But I’m trying. It’s a hard thing for women to learn.

Do you know why I love JB and SG? Because all they do is listen. They respect that fact that my losses are huge and I need time.

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