And now it’s too late to hold you

Can’t Drive 55
Take the third line of the last song you heard, make it your post title, and write for a maximum of 15 minutes.
When I was listening to this song a couple of days ago I didn’t know this would be the line I would be using. The song is titled “One Sweet Day” by Boys II Men and Mariah Carey. It’s about people they have lost and some day they will be together in heaven. I know it probably seems weird to be listening to this song but on days when I am feeling sad I just go with it. It does give me comfort in knowing that my family is having a banquet in heaven this weekend.
I miss them so much. Holidays are really tough when half of my family is no longer physically with me. The scent of turkey cooking, stuffing and pumpkin pie. And the family I do have I haven’t talked to in 2 weeks. It’s tough knowing the reason I didn’t have a relationship with my brother hasn’t changed.
I miss the hugs. When I go to church my minister gives me a hug now. When you lose someone you love you lose more than just their physical presence, you lose the touch, support, laughter.
This weekend even if it isn’t a holiday for you go and give someone a hug. It will make their day.

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