Singular Sensation
This is Thanksgiving weekend. For homework for writing class we were supposed to write out what we were thankful for. I didn’t have time but she went around the room. I said health care and friends. I decided I would do a longer one today.

Being raised by a wonderful mother who taught me how to cook. How to stand up for myself. She taught me strength by example. I’m thankful for her love and support.
Being raised by a father who provided for us.
Being born a twin. The laughter and joy that she brought to my life. The bond that will never be broken.
A roof over my head and money in the bank.
Friends that support me. Friends that will listen.
The gift of writing


2 thoughts on “WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR

  1. Those of us who had supportive parents are so lucky. All too many didn’t, as we see by reading those blogs. So I agree. Here’s to all the good mothers and fathers as well as to those who became surrogate mothers and fathers to children in need.

  2. Being thankful reinforces the goodness of all those you thank and magnifies their impact on you. You embody all the strength and wisdom and lovingness of your parents and Janet. Always!!

    Love you!

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