The New School
In public school there was a teacher that taught us handwriting. He had beautiful handwriting. Nowadays we don’t even use handwriting anymore. Even when Mom did her Christmas letters she would write it out and Janet and I would type it for her. It really is a lost art.
I remember taking Home Ec in high school (although it wasn’t called that). There was a young woman in the class that didn’t even know what a double boiler was. I was shocked. I think everyone should have the basic knowledge of how to cook for themselves. I remember helping with the youth group at my church a couple of times and there were kids that didn’t know how to wash dishes by hand because they had always had a dishwasher.
I think life skills are not valued enough. At the high school I went to people who got the awards were “smarter”. I came to realize they weren’t really smarter they were just gifted in certain areas.
You can’t teach compassion. You can’t teach how to deal with loss. There should be classes for grief because we are all going to have to deal with it at some point in our lives.
Life really is the best teacher.

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