ELECTION DAY (for Canadians)

Do you Believe in Magic?
Today is Election Day. It’s the day we vote federally for the person that is going to respresent us in Ottawa. Polls open at 9:30 so I’ve already been and voted. For the last 2 elections I didn’t even get a voter card. I think after Janet died I somehow got taken off the list too. My Dad’s brothers and sisters were very interested in politics so we would have deep discussions on politics. Janet and I helped in campaign offices and even made the PM do a double take when we met him in 2006. I even got to be interviewed for the news because nobody else wanted to do it. They literally ran from the guy as he came near. Unfortunately I never saw myself on the news. Mom and her friend were on in the crowd–blink and you’d miss them!! It was fun. Janet and I got really good at putting signs together.
I haven’t followed politics since Dad had cancer. I’ve barely even watched any of the news this year or read the paper. All they do is bash one another. How is that helpful? I want to know what you are going to do for ME. Job growth, health care, public transit (ok that’s more local but the money trickles down from the Feds).
This is the first time that I have walked over to vote by myself. Janet and I used to go and vote and then go for a walk in the neighbourhood after or vice versa. Mom would usually take the car and go and run errands afterwards. Sometimes one of our neighbours would be out and we would pass the time of day. Too cold this morning. Dad would turn the news on and watch the poll results. I always read the results in the paper the next day. I find the numbers interesting. What percentage of people voted, how much the person in our riding won by.
Put your X on the piece of paper. It took me longer to walk over there then it did to vote. It’s YOUR VOICE. Be counted.


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