Scan10014Pride and Joy
What’s my most prized possession? If I looked at it monetarily it would have to be the quilt that I bid on at a Twinless Twins Conference (and if you’re curious I have written about it titled “The Quilt”). Although it was a lot of money it goes back to aid in the work of the organization. Plus I had to have it. It was like it was meant for me. It really is like a piece of art.

Every drawing that my friend sends to me is precious and all it costs is her time and a stamp. They are gifts because it represents the bond I have still with Janet.

Every picture I have with Janet and the last picture I have when my Dad was alive. This picture that I have included was taken in 2007 at the 50th anniversary of a friend of my Dad’s. When my Mom was looking for something in the cupboard she came across a book of Dad’s limericks. Dad’s book that he drew out his plans for the garden. It’s falling apart but it’s precious to me. People tell me that I won’t have room for a lot of things in an apartment but there are books that I HAVE to take.

As I’ve titled this prompt my most prized possession is LOVE. Because really when someone we love dies that all that’s left. It’s why it hurts so much because I loved them so deeply. I was given that gift to love deeply. The gift of compassion, loyalty, selflessness. I was given the gift of writing so I could remember that love


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