Why I love writing class

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Every Saturday morning I wake up and think “yay, it’s writing class day”. I can have a horrible week and I can wake up smiling because it makes me feel better. We start the class by doing a centering exercise. Deep breathing and visualization. After we are done I feel so much more relaxed and that doesn’t happen too often lately. We were told to imagine a rose. And then for our writing exercise for 5 mins write our thoughts. I hope to finish it for homework. Rose is my middle name, I’ve used it in the title of my blog. But it kind of has a sad connotation now because I got yellow roses for Janet’s arrangement for the church for her funeral. Mom and Dad got red. Mom and I always put yellow and red roses on the grave for our bday. A neighbour bought be a rose bush for my bday after Janet died. They have a memorial rose on a table near the pulpit when someone dies. They did it for my Mom even though she wasn’t a member but I am. And each colour of rose represents something. Going to look that up.

We have two ladies leading our group. The main one asks how I am. So I told her I didn’t have time to do any homework. So she tells me it doesn’t matter. It takes courage just to come. Isn’t that awesome. And here nobody asks if I’m ok. Because most have been through loss. They know it’s exhausting. Writing is such a personal thing, it takes courage just to read something out. There has to be trust there too.

on Saturday I read out the blog post I wrote about Janet titled did she really just say that. They all laughed. One young woman said that I have developed her characteristics. It’s soemthing that happens after our twins die. Plus I think it’s because I was taken care of before. I always had someone who had my back. Now I dont. I have to advocate for myself.

My teacher has said how much my writing has changed. It’s because writing my blog makes me remember fond times with Janet, Dad and Mom. The laughter, their quirks. And that is a gift that this class has given me too.

for one day a week I’m out of the house doing something I enjoy. Could we do it every week?


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