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This is a picture taken at my grandparents apartment for Hallowe’en. Grandma helped us with our costumes. The cape was my Mother’s when she was pregnant. Funny at the time I never wondered why she kept it. It was beautifully lined and quite heavy. Grandma made the hat. I don’t know where she got the wig for Janet. I know the coat and hat were Grandmas. That was the best costume ever! And if you haven’t already guessed she went as an old lady. We were 7 when this picture was taken.

When we went trick or treating Mom always took us. When we were old enough to go on our own we would stick to our own neighbourhood. There was one house up the street that would run out of candy long before we got there. Our piano teacher used to give out popcorn balls–back when you still could. We would go around the neighbourhood and then end up and my Grandparents building across the street. They always liked to see what we went as. There was another woman that also had grandkids that lived a few doors down from us so she would contribute too. They would have a big bowl on the coffee table and whatever was left was ours. Of course Dad would make us pour it all out on the floor and he would take Oh Henrys and Mom would take Coffee Crisp–the crunchy ones. Which was ok with me because I didn’t like crunchy chocolate bars. When we got older Janet and I would take turns giving out the candy–Oh Henrys. Mom would get 3 bags. 2 for the kids and one for the BIG KID.

One year there was a young family that brought their baby up and I said “oh what a cute frog”. The mother says “he’s a telle tubby”. Ooops. As they are walking away I could hear him say “I told you he looked like a frog”. Learned my lesson…never comment on a costume because you could be wrong.

Good memories

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