It isn’t a trick

Trick or Trick
Currently I have been cleaning out the closets in my home. It’s a job that I am doing alone. Somehow it makes it easier…if this process can be considered easy…because I don’t have to answer to anyone. In Mom’s closet I found her wedding dress. It’s a very simple straight a-line dress. But what to do with it? I thought of saving it for my niece but would she even get the sentimental value of it 10, 15 years from now? I’m saving some of her shirts. The one she wore for my niece’s baptism, her red shirt that she wore to many dinners, a green silky shirt that was her favourite. They don’t take up that much room in the closet.

When Janet died I saved her bridesmaids dress, a dress that she wore to my cousin’s wedding and her favourite pair of dress shoes–lace up boots. None of which I will wear but when I look at them in the closet I’m reminded of her of the times when she wore them. I still have her Ernie doll that she got for Christmas when she was 6. The arm was sewn back on and it’s pretty ratty. And MY DAD told me to keep it. He was a gruff person a lot of the time but there was some sentimentality in their too.

Nobody ever tells you how hard it will be to do this after they pass on. There’s no book for this. I remember wanted to keep everything because I thought we can’t get rid of her clothes she’s going to need them when she comes back.

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