Why do I Blog?

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Why do I blog? To be honest I’m not really sure how it came about. I went to writing classes and decided in the winter months when we didn’t have one to continue my writing but starting a blog. The name of my blog was easy. And if I go back and read what I wrote at the beginning it was crap. When I started this blog it was for my own use…kind of like writing in a journal but in electronic form.

Slowly I got braver and started doing the daily prompts. My New Years resolution this year was to do one every day. And I can honestly say I have even when there were days I barely had the time i still did it. When my Mom was in the hospital it gave me something to do. I’ve sent many in to the twin less twins newsletter. Recently I posted one of fb and was asked if she could use it. That’s how I know I really touch people with my writing. I believe that’s the answer of why I blog.

On Sunday I was watching a life class workshop lead by Iyanla and tony Robbins. She was talking about vision. Let me tell you never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be a blogger or a writer. But I do believe that God puts people in our path to help us. I believe that there is a purpose to all of this heart ache. i wish everyone could read this blog because I know so many people that have no idea what it means to experience REAL loss. To fully experience the pain.

Some day these blog posts will become a real story. Some will be a grief book too I’m sure.


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