Photo Album Pictures

poutyjanetChristmas 1976jandjbikesYour Days are Numbered

When I mentioned in my previous post about going through photo albums a fellow blogger thought i should post the pictures. It’s very hard to scan photos that are on the old spiral photo albums with the sticky pages. I scanned the whole page and then just cropped the photo.
The photo from Christmas is the youngest. We are 2 and a half. I actually have to guess as to who is who but I’m pretty sure Janet is on the left–that’s her smile. It’s so sweet because she has her arm around me.
In the pouty one we must be 4 not 5 like I thought. I did find one where she is smiling in the photo. It was at a picnic.
The one with the trikes makes me smile because of my Dad sitting in the corner. That’s love.


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