Online Shopping

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When I was caring for my Mom at home I couldn’t get out of the house so I found a grocery delivery service. I still use it because it’s convenient. I couldn’t go to the mall either so I have bought a lot of clothes and stuff online.

Just today I had a new winter coat delivered. It’s purple like my other coat. Maybe if I went to the mall I could’ve found one less expensive but I don’t have the energy or desire to do that. Before my writing class started I purchased a new journal from Amazon. I need one that is 8×12 so that I have plenty of room to write. Its my everyday one, I have a couple of small ones that have been given to me that I use to write in for class. I love Amazon, you can buy anything on there.

I also recently purchased new slippers from marks. They are the big fuzzy booty kind. I love them. I bought 2 pairs so when one wears out I have another pair. Bootie slippers are only available at Christmas time though. Mom always bought me a pair for Christmas.

online shopping is great. I don’t even have to leave the house.

now if we could just figure out Tim Hortons delivery I would be all set.


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