Finding Balance

An Odd Trio
I was talking to a friend of Mom’s last night who phoned to ask how I am. In the course of conversation she asked if things were getting easier and I asked her in what way? I’m still not quite sure what she meant?
There are a lot of responsibilites looking after a house. Yesterday I got a phone call from OFCP for used clothing pickup in a couple of weeks. I have one bag ready and probably could get another one ready as well. On the weekend I got some leaves raked, winterized the lawn mower and put the cover on the A/C.
I still have groceries delivered because of the convenience.
The good thing about doing this on my own is I don’t need to be rushed. I can do it all at my own pace. I try to do one room at a time.
I’m trying to find that balance of going out for myself and making sure stuff around the house is kept up. If people had their way I would be out everyday but that isn’t me. One day a week I go out to my favourite coffee shop and run some errands. I go for walks.
I’m actually looking forward to winter. The cold weather gives me an excuse to stay inside. I will have time to write. My writing teacher said once that she gets a lot of writing done in the winter time.
I’m looking forward to sitting at the dining room table with a cup of coffee and my journal.


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