Ripped from the Headlines!
I don’t really follow the news much anymore. There seems to be a blurring of news and entertainment. One online news source had an interview with the new PM’s hairstylist. That’s what they report on. How young and good looking he is and how fabulous his hair is. But the previous PM was not left out either–they called it lego hair because it was so stiff.
An 8 year old killed a 1 year old while his mother was out clubbing. We weren’t even allowed to stay at home by ourselves until we were in our late teens. We were supposed to go over to our grandparents. Not that our parents didn’t trust us but Grandma made us dinner and then we went home to bed.
And then of course there is all the entertainment news…who is hooking up with who. It’s no longer about The Voice but about Gwen and Blake.
My Mom liked reading the paper everyday and had to have it in her hands…she wouldn’t read the online version. She liked to do the crosswords or jumble and i would help her. The subscription is up for renewal in another month and I’m not going to renew. It’s now up to almost $300 which seems like a lot of money.
Occasionally I would get a Sunday Toronto Star on the way home from church. Dad would help with the crossword. Very rarely did we finish because it was hard but we would sit at the table and work on it together. It’s part of why I don’t need a paper anymore. There is the companionship of reading it with someone. Talking over what is in the news. How I missed coming down the stairs in the morning and Dad saying “Did you see this in the paper”?
We are well into the Christmas season. Flyers galore. I wish I could hold on to the real meaning of the season but I’m not there yet.


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