I’ve never planned a party for anyone close to me so I’m using myself. When we were younger my Mom would plan our birthday parties. We couldn’t play outside though because we have a cottonwood tree in the back that produces this fluff that comes out towards the end of June. And it’s EVERYWHERE. But there is a picture of us when we were maybe 7 and we sitting on the swings.

This picture is in 2010. It’s the last time I had people over for my birthday. It just got too hard to find a date that was agreeable for everyone so I decided to just do my own thing. In 2010 instead of gifts I had people donate to the Twinless Twins Memorial walk instead. The last 2 years I have gone to Idlewyld Inn for my birthday. I feel like it’s the right balance for me. I’m celebrating with a good friend but also having time for myself. It’s never going to be an easy day because Janet isn’t here to share it.

When my Mom turned 70 we went out to nice restaurant for lunch with her in-laws. My Aunt couldn’t walk far and was in a wheelchair otherwise Mom would have had them to our house for dinner. My brother thought it was weird that Mom paid for her own dinner but that’s the way she wanted it. We had the waiter take a group photo and it will be the last one with everyone as my Aunt died just before Christmas that year.

My Dad’s birthday is Jan 5. We would have Dad’s siblings over for cake and ice cream at 7pm. We would keep the tree up until after his birthday for decoration. The day after it had to go down. My Mom and I always made a special meal for my Dad’s birthday after he died. Our way of honouring him. Sometimes we would get a small cake if we were out.
They were a gift and that love lives on.


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