I didn’t know what photo to choose for this prompt. I thought of my quilt that I won in an auction at the Twinless Twin conference. It was a victory in winning it but it was also a victory for myself in being deserving of the gift of this beautiful quilt.
I also thought of the picture of me jumping in the leaves the fall after my father died. The victory of finding joy in the little things of life. Laughing.
I could’ve chosen the photo of the balloon release when my Mom was in the hospital for rehab. The strength that we both had to be able to get through that horrible time while still honouring Janet and Dad.
The picture I did choose is from a Carribbean cruise that Mom and I took the Christmas the year my Dad died. It’s a small victory because there is no escaping grief but it was a wonderful experience. I look at the pictures now and they have new meaning for me. This is one of my favourite pictures from the cruise. Every night I would go out to the deck and take a picture of the sunset. By the third night Mom told me “it’s a sunset, I’m hungry let’s go!” But every sunset is different due to clouds and the sun. That’s the wonder of them.

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