While the news is full of stories of hate, violence and terror I thought I would write about love.
5 years ago a friend and I went Christmas shopping together at a mall near me. I don’t think I bought much because I wasn’t really in the mood but while we were walking we spotted a kiosk with ornaments. I found this one and had to buy it in honour of my twin. Every year since 95 I would buy her a Hallmark Keepsake ornament. They each said sisters on them and had mice because she collected things with mice. They monogram the ornament so I had them write “Sisters”. It’s not easy putting them on the tree but they are a reminder of the love I have for her.
My friend bought me one that has a cruise ship and a palm tree to remember the cruise I took with Mom. We have the most eclectic Christmas tree that you would see but every ornament has a story.
Last night was the Santa Claus parade in my city. A couple of friends took their kids and posted photos. It’s wonderful seeing the joy on little kids faces.
That’s what I would like to see a little more of in the world JOY.


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