The Power of Touch Daily Prompt

The Power of Touch
My Dad was not a demonstrative person is showing his love. When we were young we always gave Mom a hug and a kiss goodnight but not Dad. When we went to say our goodbyes at the funeral home for my sister I stood beside the casket and Dad put his arm around me. I was so overwhelmed after she died that I would go and sit outside by myself but often Dad would come out and join me. He always wanted to know where I was.
After Dad had the tumour removed Mom and I went to visit him. When we went to leave we each leaned over and gave him a kiss. Mom got lipstick on him and the nurse thought it was sweet (although I could kind of tell Dad thought “get it off!”).
When another tumour grew back Dad ended up in the hospital again. He wanted to go home so we gave him that time. But there came to a point where we all knew that it was too much. It was a hard discussion. One day he just wanted me to come and sit beside his bed and hold his hand. Everytime I went to the hospital I would sit beside his bed and hold his hand. The day before he died I took his hand. Mom took his other hand and he wouldn’t let go. Somehow we both knew what it meant.
When Mom was in the hospital the last time there were so many tubes and stuff that I just put my hand on her shoulder. She was cold because her gown was open because they had monitors on her chest. She told me “that feels good”.
Touch is the thing that we miss the most when our loved ones are no longer here.


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