Touch #2

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I was thinking later about this post and the texture I think of is the softness of a teddy bear. This is birthday bear #3. The year after Janet died I received one from a friend of mine. He’s grey and I named him DH for designated hugger. A college friend of mine sent me a white teddy bear with angel wings in the mail. My Dad thought I was too old to have a teddy bear. This one was only taken out of the box once because I didn’t want to get it dirty. It’s name is Celeste for “Celestial”. It was so sweet. She seems to be able to find the perfect card or gift. It has the softest fur!!
Another friend gave me this one the year I turned 35. It’s really cute. She gave me another one for Christmas and it was the one I took for my Mom when she was in the hospital the third time because there were days when she was frustrated and I thought it would help.
Despite the fact I have 4 bears the one that I “use” the most is the grey one. I keep him next to my bed and he has gotten wet ears sometimes. I figure because he’s grey it doesn’t show. I’ve thrown him across the room, hit him against the wall in frustration and squeezed him hard.
We are never too old for teddy bears.


One thought on “Touch #2

  1. I sleep with my teddy bear each and every night..when I am home in Toronto .. When I was in the hospital I used to hide my phone and my 20 dollars in his back as he has a pocket and I would hold him tight each night. Every time it was time for a needle (and they hurt) as I had been needled so many times I would hold him even tighter and hide my face in his little tummy!!!! I miss him when I am on a layover and often wish I had room to take him with me. We find comfort wherever we can. I love my teddy …

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