Conversation with a friend

A Tale of Two Cities
Yesterday afternoon I went out for my monthly coffee date with a friend. On the way home from the coffee shop she was telling me about her grade 12 class and how they are “a handful”. She got talking about their sense of entitlement. Sitting in the driveway I said “where does that come from? Because it’s getting worse”.
I guess it seems counter intuitive to talk about this so close to Christmas. Growing up we didn’t have presents piled high under the tree. We maybe had one big present each and a couple of little ones from our parents and one each to each other. We had a budget too. When we were teenagers it was $50. And I could make that stretch quite a bit. I would buy Mom books on the reduced table, maybe find a sweater on sale another year it all takes a little thought. But there was never a year where someone didn’t like what we bought them. Eventually we upped it to $100.
I have friends that put Christmas presents on credit cards. They believe that you have to buy what the person asks for. But how do you teach a child the value of money when they always get what they asked for? We have kids that have Ipads and Iphones. I don’t even have an Iphone because I don’t need it.
I am so thankful for parents that taught me the difference between a WANT and a NEED. I had everything I needed. I was thankful for everything that I got for Christmas. Well…I didn’t like getting pjs when I was little but I used them.
I sent in a donation to the Twinless Twins organization. Some years I do it in memory of Janet. I take what I would have spent on a present and donate it. This year a generous donor will also match any donations which is such a blessing.
This Christmas be thankful for all you have. I would give anything to have my family with me.

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