It’s Christmas time, Eh?

Non-Regional Diction
Yesterday I decided to decorate the mantle. Growing up my Dad wouldn’t let us decorate the mantle so now I get to have fun with it. The ornaments in the middle are ones Janet and I bought at a Christmas bazaar many years ago at Centennial Hall. They have our names on them. My Mom always had a red and white theme on our Christmas tree. Of course we also have ornaments that were given to us, ornaments that I gave Janet as gifts. You know when you see the fancy trees on tv–well ours doesn’t look like that.
The big mouse plays “We Wish you a Merry Christmas”. We often get the house professional cleaned near Christmas. The woman was dusting the mantle and accidentally set it off. Not sure how she did because you have to press the foot.
I’m not putting up a tree this year. It’s just too much work lugging it up and separating the branches according to colour and then lugging the boxes down the stairs. Plus there aren’t any gifts to put under since it’s just me. It seems strange that this is the first year that I don’t have to buy gifts for anyone.
I am going to send out cards this year. A way to honour Mom but I also know there may be some people that she only corresponds with once a year that don’t know that she died. And I would like to send some people the memorial card.
This is a poem that I wrote last year for my writing class Christmas party. It sums up what Christmas was like growing up for me.
By Jennifer Rudd
Christmas music fills the air
Seems there’s little time to spare
Mom is baking Christmas treats …
Round the corner to have a peak
Brownies, hermits, macaroons
Where will we find the room?
Christmas cards upon the table
Ready soon to be labeled
A note to share our year
Spreads some Christmas cheer
Our tree is placed into the stand
Dad will lend a helping hand
It’s leaning left, now it’s right
Perfect, that’s just right
Carry boxes down the stairs
Soon tinsel is everywhere
Ornaments with our names
Branches hung with candy canes
Take a walk into the night
To see the houses alit at night


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