Honouring my loved ones

jandj1998Scan10014Teach Your (Bloggers) Well
I can’t teach others how to honour their loved ones that have died but I would hope that anyone reading this would learn from what I do.
Here are some things that I have done.
1. I still do something special for OUR birthday. I no longer call it “celebrating” because it’s not. Mom and I try to go to the cemetary every year on our birthday and put flowers on the grave. It was our way of remembering her too. I buy gerbera daisies for myself. This year Mom and I did a balloon release.
For our 40th birthday I put a poem that I had written in the paper along with my favourite photo of us.
I buy you Daisies, Gerbera, to mark our day
Red, for you, Yellow for me…..
Something to remember
in my own special way
The colour of love, the colour of laughs
I can feel you guide me on this path.
I place them, carefully, on the bed,
The words between us, deep, unsaid…
I’m not alone though you are gone
The twin bond always lives on

2. For my Dad’s birthday Mom and I would make his favourite dinner and have a piece of cake.
3. I still put up the Christmas tree. The first year it was hard because every ornament had a memory but I did it because I knew Janet would want me to. I put their names on the mantle this year. I am going to send out Christmas cards in honour of Mom.
4. I made a donation to the Twinless Twins organization for Christmas in Mom and Janet’s memory. Joining the Twinless Twins organization was a way to honour Janet too, honour our twinship.
5. I started this blog as a way of honouring their memory by sharing our stories. Talking about them is healthy.
6. Crying because I miss them. Being honest with myself.
7. Being strong for them. Living my life everyday honouring them. Remembering their love for me and my love for them.

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