What’s the deal with Elf on the Shelf?

Climate Control
As of yesterday it was the official start of “Elf on the Shelf”. My friends are sharing pinterest boards on facebook of ideas to keep their Elfs antics interesting. Apparently he’s supposed to do something different everyday. Honestly, who has time for this? I just don’t understand the purpose. And most of my friends have lego advent calendars. What do either of these things have to do with Christmas?
Maybe I’m just old fashioned. I grew up going to church, with a Mom who baked Christmas cookies, Dad put up the tree and we decorated. We helped Mom with the Christmas cards. We would sit beside her on the couch and she would read out the letter or we would take turns. We would separate the cards into Dads relatives and Moms relatives when they arrived in the mail. I never realized how traditional we were until it was all taken away.
Yesterday I was listening to a webinar on how to cope with the holidays after a bereavement. One of the guests who has had a lot of loss in his life said “you have choices” and I thought “oh my goodness THANK YOU!”. Yesterday I got groceries delivered and the assistant knows that Mom died. So of course she asked what I was doing for Christmas. Nobody should be alone at Christmas. Yeah, in a perfect world that would be the case but even if I went somewhere i would come home to an empty house. I live alone. I live with the fact that I no longer have a family EVERYDAY.
I found this song on a friend’s facebook page and it pretty well sums up what it’s like

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