There is nothing wrong with saying “no”

Sorry, I’m Busy
When I was in my teens I helped with a lot of things at church. There were times when I didn’t really want to do it. There came a point in our twenties where we felt tsken advantage of so we took a year off. It didn’t matter because we were still asked. And one of the ministers even said “the year is up time to help”. But doing something that doesn’t make you happy doesn’t help anyone.
After Janet died I went to Tupperware parties, baby showers, coffee with friends but I was just a body sitting on the couch. I wasn’t involved because I didn’t care. After my Dad died I was too tired to do it again so I learned to say no.
Why should I feel guilty for saying NO? It’s not selfish to put myself first. I have learned that I have to do what is best for me.
Don’t become too busy to take care of yourself.


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