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When I was in my early teens I actually did want to go back in time to when my Dad was little, before his father died. I wanted to know what his Father was like, what their relationship was like, what Dad was like as a child. Because he had to grow up awfully fast after his Father died. He was 8 years old. When he was 12 the whole family moved to the city an hour and a half away.
Right now I would love to have a time machine to go back to when my family was whole, happy. To spend one more day with Janet. To tell my grandparents how much I love them. Because when I was young I didn’t. I think everyone that has ever lost someone wishes for this.
But I know I already have that ability. Every time I pull out a photo album, or watch Mom and Dads wedding anniversary video. They are alive again. Every time I share stories about them. My Uncle and I laugh at the box of margarine containers my grandparents had. It’s a shared memory. And when my family wouldn’t talk about Janet it was like she didn’t exist. I am transported back in time with the pictures and memories they evoke. It’s why there are days when I can’t look at the pictures because it’s so real. When I saw Moms picture on the screen on Sunday she was so happy.
When I go to conference we all share memories of our twins. We learn about who they were. When Mom died it was the first time my brothers wife knew anything about Mom. Because she didn’t have any shared memories. My friends remember Janet’s laugh, her stubborn nature, her loyalty.
Their love lives on in me.


One thought on “A TIME MACHINE

  1. I’d really like to plant a one last kiss on my grandmother and younger brother too if I could go back in time. People like us, I guess we just need to remember that they wouldn’t want to see us wasting our life in sadness and grieve.

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