Life Line

This whole year I have felt like I have been waiting…waiting for Mom to. Ome home from hospital, waiting for help, waiting for life to settle down (still waiting on that one). Now it’s waiting for probate, the daily email from my brother, taxes in the Spring.
I’m even on a waiting list for the apartment I want to go to. Which means I can’t sell the house until I get a place.
I wouldn’t want my palm read because time takes on a new meaning when someone we love dies. Some days just fly by and others feel like the hands haven’t even moved on the clock. “Time heals” but one still has to do the work. I don’t even know how to process the fact that I have lost my entire family.
I do know that my immediate future includes my Dads bday on the 5th of January. I’m going to go out for dinner to honour his day. It will be different without Mom. All of the firsts. Her first birthday in heaven.
In July I’m going to the twinless twin conference. I will get to see another friend at Christmas. I’m hoping to be moved into my new place by then but if it doesn’t happen I will manage just like I am now.

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