Alone at Christmas

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Yesterday afternoon I happened upon the movie “The Holiday”. I have never watched it from the beginning…I always seem to come across it the last half hour. I eat dinner around 5pm so heated up some leftovers and ate in front of the TV. One of the advantages of living alone. It was our inside joke that Dad never watched a movie from beginning to end. Wow, sorry bunny trail.
The movie is about two women who are in terrible relationships are alone and decide to shake things up for Christmas. They exchange houses. One lives in a huge house in LA and one lives in a quaint house in England. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet play the women. When I was talking to my Aunt after the movie was over she wondered how I can still watch Christmas movies. I could relate to it because I’m alone. The feeling of really having no direction. There is a scene in the movie where Diaz’s character goes to the supermarket and buys a cart load of junk food and a whole lot of wine. The cashier says “having a party?” And she answers “oh yeah”. The feeling like everyone else is celebrating so screw them all and I’m going to also.
Of course they both find love in the end…hey it wouldn’t be a Christmas movie if they didn’t but it’s not this happily ever after stuff. It’s four people who are all just trying to figure it out. Jude Laws character is a widower. There is a part in the movie where he talks about how he is two separate people and I got that too. The person that the outside world sees and the person you are at home.
I also got a phone call from my great Aunt on my Moms side. It’s interesting how I can relate to my Aunts because we are all alone. She doesn’t have any kids, my other Aunt does but we all live in our homes that we shared with our loved ones. We are surrounded by the memories and some days we draw comfort from it and other days the memories are so painful.
Christmas isn’t a happy time for everyone. For some it’s just a season, day to get through. If you have someone in your life who is struggling give them a call, send them a card. Just listen.


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