Christmas Letter

Unexpected Guests
It’s that time again…the yearly Christmas letter.
The year started out as it always does going to the Dr. Peeing into a cup and getting on the scale. The Dr says she has never seen such a perfect specimen. I’m good for another year.
I signed up for a writing class in the spring and learned how to write dialogue. I learned words that I didn’t even know were in the dictionary. I spent the summer with people asking if I cut the grass. Maybe I could sell it on the street. What do you mean it’s not that type of grass?
This year I turned 29 again. I spent the day at a hotel and cleaned out the mini bar. I thought I met my future husband but it turns out he was married. How was I supposed to know?
September was a difficult month with the death of my mother. My brother has been such a help with daily emails and detailed spreadsheets. At Moms internment they shared the wonderful news that they are pregnant. At three Sienna is already learning long division and just started War and Peace.
To help with expenses I’ve taken in boarders. I’m just hoping they all stay out of jail.
Wishing you a peaceful season.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Letter

  1. I love it. Love it. U forgot to mention how long you have left on parole and how nice your parole officer is. Lol lol. Lol xxxxxx. As always love you. My made me laugh. Xxxx

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