My Parents

Scan10020Third Rate Romance
Growing up Janet and I were romantics at heart so in our teens we asked Mom how Dad proposed. He didn’t get down on one knee or anything like that. If I remember correctly he just brought out the box asked her to marry him and that was it. When they were discussing dates he said “you have vacation time in August let’s get married then”…they were engaged in June. The shortest engagement in history!
Mom had been dating Dad for about a year before she met his family. I don’t recommend it though because she met them at the visitation for his mother’s funeral. She went with her Dad and his brother was at the door and asked how they knew my Dad. Apparently they were all standing in the corner whispering “who is THAT??” And his sister gave her the once over (although she did that even after they were married). She told us this story many times!!
The only times she ever got flowers was when she gave birth. When they were dating he gave her a necklace that is a little bird in a cage. I don’t know if she ever wore it but she kept it in her jewlery box as a reminder. Mom even has the engagement ring of her Aunt’s. Her family disapproved so she broke it off. He moved away and she didn’t get a chance to return it. Isn’t that the saddest story!
This is my Mom’s favourite wedding photo. It’s so sweet. My Dad was not a demonstrative person but in this picture you can see the love that they have for each other.


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