I’m a morning person

Because the Night
Growing up in our family we had half and half. Mom and I were morning people. Dad had to get up early but when he retired he was definitely a night owl. Janet was not a night owl but she wasn’t a morning person either. She wouldn’t even talk to you in the morning it was just grunts. Eventually she grew out of it and was a morning person. My brother was a night owl. Mom used to say it was because he was born at 4sm. We were born at 12:20pm.
I wake up around 7am every morning. I go to the early morning service at my church. Moms church starts at 10:30. When Janet and I went to the early service it worked out great because lunch would be ready when mom got home at noon. I love going early because I have the rest of the morning free. Dad and I would watch the Sunday funnys on one of the political shows. It was our routine and I missed it after he died,
I wish I was productive. There are days when I am but sometimes I just can’t be bothered. I sit and think of all the things I “should” be doing but I dont. My friend is coming on Saturday for gift exchange so I have to clean the house. It’s not that she cares but I do.
Having a routine helps. I’m cleaning out one room at a time. Although I will admit sometimes I get sidetracked looking at photo albums or old letters. I always start the morning doing my blog post, dishes, laundry or grocery shopping.
Before I had Internet at home I used to go to the library to use the computers. But it was a pain at Christmas because it’s closed. I love not having to worry about that anymore. I can talk to my friends on Christmas.


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