Photo Challenge–Gathering

I took this photo Christmas Eve at the evening sing song. I thought it was an interesting shot with all the people lined up on the stairs and around the railing. Plus I thought the one entertainment coordinator (is that her title?) looked like a Barbie doll. It wasn’t the best carol sing you will ever hear. The people working on the cruise were supposed to be leading us but most were terribly out of tune and had no idea what they were even singing. Did I mention that we were singing Hymns. Which was odd because it should have been more secular music.
I still remember the church service that we went to. It was lead by a Catholic priest and it was finished in 15 mins at the most. Mom and I were standing in the elevator with a man who asked if we went and he said “that was something wasn’t it” and we all laughed. The guy was as old as the hills and had no clue what he was doing. But it’s something to laugh at.

One thought on “Photo Challenge–Gathering

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