Take Care
Yesterday I came across the Christmas Classic “Miracle on 34th Street”. My Mom always said it had to be the original! They remade it but it doesn’t have the same charm as the original. It was almost over but I’m sure it will be on again
Christmas Eve. It was our family tradition to watch it every year.
In the evening I was watching “The Polar Express”. It’s a movie about a group of kids that take a train to the North Pole. The one boy does not believe in Santa.
After I finished watching it I thought about how these two movies have the same message. Friendship (Susie and Fred, Alfred and Kris, the lawyer and Kris), love, and believing in something even though it doesn’t make sense. The Polar Express is about how we as children out grow believing in Santa but I think it isn’t about outgrowing it but believing in the goodness that Santa represents. I cried when the kids were singing “when Christmas comes to town” because there aren’t any presents under my tree. It is my favourite part of Christmas picking out the perfect gift for someone I love and watching their expression when they open the gift. My brother wanted a Wii fit board 6yrs ago and they were sold out everywhere. I went to get a flu shot at a school across from the mall so we went shopping after. Zellers just got a new shipment in so I happened to get the first one that morning. The look on his face was priceless.
I remember getting a red sled for Christmas from my grandparents…Janet got one too. They put them out on the balcony and told us Santa left them.
While this season is hard for me I still believe in the spirit of Christmas. The goodness of friends who invite me for Christmas. A friend who bought me the mouse that we saw at the market because she knows how much it means to me…a reminder of my twin. Who is going to take me out shopping after Christmas to buy stuff for the house.
We should all believe in the true spirit of Christmas.


3 thoughts on “BELIEVE

  1. “Miracle on 34th Street” is being shown in the U.S. by TCM on the “big screen” (real theaters) this year and therefore may not be on TV in that country — not sure where you live — hope you are able to see the full film as it is one of the best Christmas movies, bar none. I wrote a review about it on my blog: (yes, blatant self-promotion, but I thought you might enjoy it.) I came to the same conclusion you did: nothing like the original.

    • Love how you called him “the best Santa on the silver screen”. It’s like Susan says “he’s so nice and jolly he must be Santa”. Thanks for sharing in my tradition with me.

      • Glad I could! Every time I see this movie I’m glad I did, it’s simple yet profound at the same time. A wonderful tradition. Have a Merry Christmas. May all those you love, whether they are body or spirit, be with you.

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