Fairweather Fan


This picture was taken 7 years ago the last time I went to a ballgame. I was in Toronto for the Twinless Twins Conference so my brother bought tickets for the game for my birthday. Toronto is full of culture and entertainment but my brother has only been to the Skydome and AirCanada Centre for baseball and basketball games. It was a great game. My Mom even figured out by rotation what pitcher would be pitching the game and she ended up being right. The game was 2hr and 20 mins and would have been shorter had the last batter not fouled off many pitchs (more than 10).
I was never as big of a fan as my parents. My brother followed in the paper and knew all the statistics when he was 9. My Mom’s brother was a sports columnist for The Spectator and he watches ALL sports.
The BlueJays got into the playoffs this year but they didn’t go very far. I titled this prompt “Fairweather Fan” because I kind of got on the bandwagon when they were winning. We didn’t watch the games because by 9pm we were both too tired to watch. But Mom followed in the paper. Mom went to games with a group from church. A guy would rent a bus and they would all go. Mom always bought a program and she would keep score. One game went for 14 innings and one gentleman wondered who the winning pitcher was and the organizer said “Marilyn would know she kept score”.
Every year for Mom’s birthday I would buy her what she referred to as her “baseball bible”. A baseball magazine with all of the teams and players. I would have to buy her a new one every year because there would be trades, people brought up from AAA. One of Moms friends always thought it was Dad that watched and Mom just watched with him not realizing it was actually the other way around. My grandparents listened to it on the radio because they preferred the announcers to the ones on tv. As you can see I have a long history of baseball loving people.


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