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Yesterday when I was going through Mom’s jewelry box I found these in the bottom of the box. How special that Mom kept them all these years. I’m RuddB because I was born two minutes after Janet. I will have to buy a shadow box to put them in to display.
We were born before ultrasound so my Mom didn’t even know she was having twins until she went into labour. One of us was behind the other one so when they were checking the heartbeat they only heard one. Mom didn’t even believe the Dr. Dad almost fainted. My Grandmother worked on the desk at the hospital. They were so thrilled. We were born a month premature and were less than 8lbs combined at birth. My Dad was so worried that we were going to live because he had never seen anything that small before but my Grandmother assured him we were healthy. My Mom said it was strange to give birth but go home without any babies.
Of course it was also before the time when they knew the sex of the baby. Mom had one name picked out…she always liked the name Janet and Grace was named after Dad’s mother and Moms grandmother. Mom thought “what about Jennifer”. Dad wanted the middle name Alice but Mom nixed it because it would have spelled JAR. But growing up I so wanted to have a family name that was passed down.
These bracelets mean more than any amount of gold or diamonds. They are a link to a person that loved us enough to save them. A link to the bond I have with my twin.

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