Wide Awake

Stroke of Midnight
I don’t stay up until midnight to ring in the New Year. I did it in 1999 but I didn’t see what all the fuss is about. I went to bed at my usual time (around 10pm) but was wide awake. I think I had dozed off but was awoken by the sound of fireworks going off at midnight. I forget that they have an event at Victoria Park. I live close enough I can hear concerts and events downtown. Then at 3AM or so I could hear someone outside and every fourth word was a swear word. Needless to say it was a LONG night!!
Yesterday the prompt asked if you could wake up and be someone else who would you be. In the evening I thought “Peter Walsh”. I like to think I’m organized but I think it’s up to a point. I have a lot less clutter than I used to because Mom did the crosswords and always had a book on the go. He has a 30 day challenge to get organized and I think it will help me greatly to go room by room. It’s the little things though. What to do with good china, silverware etc?
Jan. 5 is my Dad’s birthday. I’m trying to decide what to do to honour his day. Yesterday I had scalloped potatoes and ham for dinner. Not quite the same because they were out of a box which would be sacreligious for Dad. We usually had roast beef for New Years but that is way too expensive for one person. Dad always had to have chocolate cake. One year Mom tried to have a lighter meal because we had been eating a lot and he wasn’t having it. Needless to say that was a one time deal!

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