Be Thankful Challenge

New Sensation
Write about five people in your life you are thankful for
Write about five things in 2015 that you are thankful for

I was nominated by a fellow blogger to do this and just happened upon it yesterday. Thanks for nominating me…you know who you are.

1. My family. I’m going to include them as one unit. I’m thankful for my twin who gave me laughter and joy. My Dad who taught me how to do things on my own (like yardwork), he taught me the value of money. Because I looked after both my parents it taught me strength, perseverance in dealing with the frustrations of the health system. They gave me this gift of writing because this was my outlet in being able to talk about them.

2. CB I don’t know what I would have done without her this last year. I also have to include her husband in this too as she dropped everything to help me when Mom died. She listens when I rant about my dealings with my other family member. But we’ve also had fun this year in celebrating my birthday.

3. My neighbours. One neighbour has invited me for dinner and coffee. She drove us to the hospital numerous times. She’s going to help me with something tomorrow. Her husband has helped with stuff around the house.

4. TAR Because she encourages me. She has given me hope.

5. My cousin. I have phoned her early in the morning to talk to her. She has cried with me. She has given me advice. I’m thankful for her because she loves me.

My 5 Things
1. Idlewyld Inn. It’s a place I go to where I feel special. And they have killer desserts.

2. That the TT conference is going to be close to me. It’s this year but I can include it in last year because that’s when I found out.

3. Finding my baby bracelets. A treasure

4. Money. It’s not in the number of dollars but the freedom it represents.

5. Grocery delivery. It’s such a wonderful thing to have the time to do other things and not have to lug the groceries home. Plus they are very nice people.

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