Musical tastes

Teen Age Idol
When I was a pre-teen I liked Cyndi Lauper. Janet’s favourite was Madonna. Corey Hart was big back then and I had a Whitney Houston album. I remember going to the store with a group of kids buying the latest albums. Glass Tiger was huge then too. Madonna is the only one out of this list that is still singing.
In the 90s it would have been Celine Dion. I remember we had the CD for Backstreet Boys.
Nowadays my tastes are eclectic. I still like Celine Dion but I also admire her strength in supporting her husband with cancer. Janet’s favourite singer was Josh Groban. He has such a powerful voice. I love Michael Buble.
I tend to pick songs depending on my mood. When Dad died I listened to the song “The Climb” over and over again. Sara Bareilles “Brave”. Rod Stewart “Faith of the Heart”.
admire all the coaches on The Voice because they are encouraging the contestants. A friend sent me a link to an interview that Jordan Smith did with Pastor Warren from Saddleback Church. He talked about how he tried out before but knew that he wasn’t chosen because it wasn’t his time. He’s the type of individual that we should be idolizing because he is humble.
We all need role models in our lives but I don’t think we should idolize anyone. There are things that I admire about all of my friends.


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