Last weekend

I started the month working on decluttering the house. So everyday is pretty much the same. I work on one room or area in the house…a closet, sort through clothes. A few days ago I cleaned out the small china cabinet that my Dad built. It was kind of a catch all for paperwork.
Of course there is always laundry in there, groceries to buy etc. Lately the weather hasn’t been great to go out anywhere so it makes it condusive to doing indoor work.
Last Sunday the Golden Globes were on tv. I enjoy watching the Red Carpet arrivals but wasn’t wowed. I miss Kelly Osbourne and Ross together because they were like us…wow did you see that dress. I did like Jennifer Lopez dress because it’s a colour that I like. Did not like the hair. I know that the plunging necklines are a trend but it’s not for me. I just don’t think it looks tasteful. Show a little bit of skin…not everything.
I’m not a fan of Ricky Gervais humour. Putting other people down in order to make a joke is not funny. Billy Crystal is still my all time favourite host of the Oscars. He knew who to make fun of that would get the joke. It was entertaining, it didn’t feel forced.


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