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In my life I’ve had people come and go so I’ve had different “favourites” in different times in my life. I still have friends from public school but I don’t see them very often. We talk on facebook and I can see pictures of their kids or their travels. I’ve always believed that people come into our lives for a reason. I know that many friends live far away but they are still praying for me.
I have posted three pictures here. The one is of my friend TAR. She draws the pictures in my Christmas and bday cards. This picture is my favourite from the time when I went to visit her in Vancouver. It was our dream to go together so she was very sensitive to the fact that I missed Janet terribly. We talked about people in public school, laughed, cried. The special thing is I will be able to see her this year at Christmas. It’s been 9 years in August since I have seen her. It will be so much fun to have someone else to buy a present for. The hard part will be to find the perfect thing for someone who gives me such a special gift of remembering my family.
The other picture is of my friend Mrs. KJ. We met at church. Neither of us go there anymore for the same reason but we meet once a month for coffee. Well we try…sometimes things come up for her. This is my favourite picture of us. I wish it was clearer but I forgot my camera and we used her cellphone. The funny thing is I have known her for 20 years at least and this is the first time we got a picture together. She is someone I can talk about anything with. Her husband is advising me with paperwork for Mom’s estate.
The last picture is obvious. It’s my best friend. It will be 10 years this fall since she died. It seems unreal that I have lived that long without her physically here.
It’s why this blog is so important to me.

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