Optimistic Photo Challenge


Yesterday the daily prompt was to talk about “your favourite” and this could apply to this prompt as well. This picture is from my 41 birthday last year. A friend of mine phoned me up in the morning and asked if I wanted company for dinner. My birthday fell on Father’s Day this year but she had a change of plans and was able to join me. It was such a beautiful day. Perfect weather. We sat outside to eat our dessert. This is my friend’s. I had a taste and it was nice and light. Mine was chocolate of course.
I guess this is why this restaurant is so special to me. It’s a place where I can forget all the outside distractions and be pampered for the day. We all deserve to be pampered once in a while.
I can include this in favourites as well because my friend is such a great support. She has a lot going on in her own life but still makes time to talk. I have always known she values my friendship. She supports me in my writing. She tells me how well I am doing.


3 thoughts on “Optimistic Photo Challenge

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