A whole lot of lemons

Not Lemonade
Over the past year I’ve had to learn how to do things differently. When my Moms health made it that she could no longer drive I had to figure out a way to get groceries that was simple. I looked online and found a guy that delivers. It freed up time that I could be doing something else. And I would get differing reactions, some people thought it was great while others thought “why would you pay someone when you could do it yourself?” As a single person I have to figure out a way to do things that are easiest for me.
I’m making decisions completely on my own at a time when even the little things are hard. I hadn’t got a haircut was three months because I couldn’t be bothered. There is the list of HAVE to and the list of I’ll get around to it.
I was talking to a friend a couple of days ago who is not supportive in my writing. As a Christian he doesn’t believe in signs from our loved ones. For me signs are gifts. They are a way of telling me that they are near. Writing is a gift. This is my way of expressing my emotions. Of shAring stories about special people in my life. It’s a gift that has come out of a lot of losses.
I’ve learned how to be strong.


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