My favourite coffee shop is gone

Just Another Day
Like many others my morning ritual involves a cup of coffee. At home I drink Tim Hortons. After Mom died I would go downtown to run errands and stop at my favourite coffee shop in the library. I would sit and have my coffee and a piece of banana loaf and write my blog. I found out from my Uncle Tuesday night that it is now closed. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as the franchise has slowly closed stores in the past 2 years.
It’s another loss for me as this is where Janet and I went for coffee. Our spot was really the one in Wortley Village. We enjoyed the atmosphere. It was a local hangout. They knew the orders of the regulars. We usually saw someone we knew. A couple of times when I went downtown this fall I could feel her with me because this was our spot. We used to go once a month with a friend of ours too. Now I’m left with Tim Hortons or Starbucks. My friend and i went to Chapters yesterday and had a cup of coffee. Everyone around us was typing on their Ipads. There was very little interaction with others and yet the place was full.
Mom and I always went grocery shopping on Thursday. Afterwards we would stop at TH for a coffee to fortify ourselves to put all the groceries away. But it was also our time to sit and chat. Yes we lived together but this was different. It was like two girlfriends talking. I miss it. It’s probably why i don’t enjoy shopping on my own now.
As I read this I can see how all of these are shared with someone. So much change.


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