Superpower? I think it’d be more like brain surgery!

A Bird, a Plane, You!
You get to choose one superpower. Pick one of these, and explain your choice:
•the ability to speak and understand any language
•the ability to travel through time
•the ability to make any two people agree with each other

We started learning french in public school. I can’t remember exactly what Grade but I think it was 6. I didn’t take it in High School because I knew I would never use it in real life. If the Prime Minister makes a speech it’s usually in French and English as Ottawa is a bilingual city.

I wouldn’t mind having a time machine but I’ve always wondered about time travel. In Back to the Future they make it look so easy but I caught a little bit of The Time Travellers Wife and it creeps me out. I don’t understand how someone can travel through time and still be the same age. And they had a child. A few days later Kate and Leopold was on…another weird one. It’s a sweet story but I could never figure out how a person from the future (or is it the present…see what I mean?) can be in a photograph from the past. And she would never be able to see her brother again because the “portal” closed. And imagine if someone asked him “do you have any siblings?” what is he supposed to say? I know complicated.

Wow, the ability to make any two people agree with each other. There are two people in my life that I don’t get along with for the same reason. Neither of them have respect for women, they both think me incapable of looking after things simply because I’m a woman. I have to “tolerate” my brother until the estate is finalized. I had people in my life that prayed (and probably still are) that things would change because they wanted me to be able to have a relationship with my brother. But he’ll never change. I’ve changed. I’m strong enough to face grief head on. I’m strong enough to deal with stuff alone. Sometimes we have to walk away.


3 thoughts on “Superpower? I think it’d be more like brain surgery!

  1. Tough talk, Jennifer, but very meaningful. As you know, I’m one of those praying for reconciliation between you and Rob, probably at least partly because I have such a great relationship with my brother and I know how much it means to me. You know full well what the costs are of losing the relationship, and I have every confidence in your strength and ability to bring closure for yourself and to find other relationships that matter even more. Have I told you lately how proud I am of you and what you are accomplishing every day?

    Love, gail

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