Their Songs

This Is Your Song
I’ve decided to do 2 posts today. One for the songs that connect to my family and one for me.

This is the song that I chose for Janet’s funeral. A group of 5 women sang together. The line that resonates with me is “Lord renew my mind as your will onfolds in my life” because at the time I didn’t understand why this happened. All I could hold on to was living everyday in the power of his love. I also love the song “Please Remember Me” by Leann Rimes. “I was there for you and you were there for me”. It’s a love song but what greater love is that between me and my twin, my best friend.

Since my Dad had cancer he was able to discuss with us what he wanted. I had to leave the room because it’s a pretty hard thing to do. I asked him if he had any songs that he preferred and he told me no…you pick. But he did want my friend to sing. Unfortunately her sister was getting married that weekend. A woman from church sang. Mom picked this song because my Dad loved to garden. As soon as she started singing “I come to the garden alone” we all lost it. But at the same time there is comfort in believing that there is a garden in heaven for my Dad.

Since we had a graveside service for Mom we didn’t have music. But her favourite hymn was “Will your Anchor Hold” (in the storms of life). I would think it did for her.

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