Naked with Black Socks
Today is friends day on Facebook. They make a video taking the pictures that you have posted and compiling them together. Of course the people that you correspond with or post on your wall most often are in the video. There was one thing I noticed that all my pictures seem to revolve around eating. That’s  only because I only take pictures on special occasions…thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas so of course there is going to be food involved.
The video makes me smile because it’s nice to have a reminder of the good times. The people that care about me. I don’t have a large friend list. They are all people I want on my friends list. They are there for me in the tough times but rejoice in the good times too.
Speaking of that…I phoned the apartment building and they have an apartment available. I may not get it because there are other people looking at it too but its a start. In some respects it feels really soon but I don’t think anything about this process has been slow. It’s exciting but scary too for there is still a lot to do in the house. But as my friends said the laughter will fill the walls of my new place.


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