It depends on the day

Live to Eat
When I was growing up Janet and I would go over to our grandparents on Saturday afternoon for a visit. They lived across the road from us and this was our special time with them. Of course we always had a cookie and something to drink. One Saturday my Grandmother didn’t have time to make any and she apologized but we told her we were there to see them it didn’t matter. But for her she was failing as a Grandma because that was her job. Grandpa had a candy dish (shaped like a hen) and that was the first place my cousin would go when he got there. It had peppermints (Scotch mints the big ones) in it. But he wouldn’t just have one he would put in two at a time. His sister’s name begins with an H so he emphasize the H to smell his breath. He still has the dish too.

Growing up my Dad was a meat and potatoes person and we always had to have dessert. The rest of us could be full but he made room for dessert. Nowadays sometimes I don’t even have dessert and 9 times out of 10 it’s a piece of fruit (or a pudding cup). One day I was trying to decide what I was going to have for lunch and didn’t have a lot in the fridge but found a small piece of pork was pretty sure I had mushrooms (and knew I had brocolli) so I made stir fry. It was good but growing up we never would have had that for lunch.

As I’ve gotten older there are things I can no longer eat. Growing up we had mac and cheese (homemade). My Grandma made the BEST mac and cheese but I can no longer digest it. Hot dogs are out too. I’ve given up pizza because of the salt, carbs, fat etc. I have health issues which means I have to watch my salt intake.

If I go out to eat I usually stay at the same type of restaurant. It has to be one I can check the menu before I go. My friends are very understand but it’s a little awkward with people who don’t know my dietary restrictions. I have had to skip potlucks and lunches for writing class because they go to a Chinese restaurant and I know it’s salt laden. When my niece was baptized for lunch we had burgers from Harveys. I didn’t realize a plain hamburger has 1000mg of sodium. Then for dinner we went to a Filipino restaurant and every dish we had was swimming in sauce and not a vegetable to be found.

I don’t get the same enjoyment out of cooking. We used to make cookies and Dad would come up the stairs and swipe one. We would make him scalloped potatoes because those were his favourite. We would make lasagna when my brother came home from University because that was his favourite. Now I just cook because I have to eat. I think that’s why I take pictures when I go out to eat with friends because it’s such a treat to have someone to eat with.


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