Rhymes with mud

Say Your Name
When my sister and I were born Mom didn’t know she was having twins so they had to come up with another name quickly. Unfortunately I was born in the generation where Jennifer was a very popular name. When I went to college I had 4 in my class. My middle name is Rose because she thought it blended well. As I’ve written before I’m the only one that doesn’t have a family name that was passed down.
In later years when I had to give my last name everyone thought it was Rude…probably because of the furnace company but thats 2 U. Australia even had a prime minister with the same last name. There was a race car driver and there is an actor with the same last name. Nowadays if I have to give it out on the phone people think it’s sounds like Red. It’s a four letter name how complicated can it be?
When my Dad was in Parkwood Hospital they put his name as Robert on the door and behind his bed. It was very jarring for my brother as that is his name. Even the counsellor asked us what does he go by Robert or bob. And we told him neither he goes by his second name. So then they immediately changed it.
When someone dies there name no longer exists except to me and to friends. It’s The Estate of…
It’s why going to the Twinless twins conference is so important because her name is in my name tag Jennifer, twin to Janet.

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