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This is an interesting prompt for today. I’m not one that looks at the stats often but the odd time I do I’m always intrigued by the posts that seem to connect to people more. I have listed 3 here. In the first one we were asked to write “Your thing for dummies”. I thought I must be an expert by now so I wrote about grief not thinking that so many people would relate to it. It’s the most comments I have ever gotten. My favourite comment is the one where someone wrote “you are talking to us like a real person”. I think that is why people could relate to it. It wasn’t a technical book where they list the stages it’s just me speaking my truth.
This blog post is my eulogy for Mom. I sat down and wrote it in an afternoon. I just wrote out stories about Mom. What I wanted to say about who she was. A twin friend on fb who has never met Mom or me said that I take after her.
Photo challenges always have high stats for me. This one is about Mom too.

I know that the connection that my blog posts have is that I write about the love that I have for my family. Usually the ones that share funny stories. They come alive on the page/screen.
These are my memories of them and they are precious.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Your “Grief for Dummies” is an excellent, though unavoidable (as you note in number one) post, and I actually enjoyed the life advice.

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