I’d just like a vacation!

Sudden Shifts
Today was garbage day. Last night it started snowing around the time that I put the garbage out. By the time I went to bed I knew that I probably should have put the garbage on the lawn instead of in the driveway because the guy wouldn’t be able to plow my driveway. When I got up this morning they must have moved the pails because they were on my neighbours boulevard. I ran out before breakfast to collect them. I guess I shouldn’t complain because we haven’t had that much snow so far. This weekend it is going to be VERY cold -15 for daytime high. I’m going to have to put my warmest clothes on because our furnace kind of struggles at that temp. This time last year we had 2 weeks straight where it was -25. I ended up taking cabs to the hospital because it’s way too cold to stand outside waiting for the bus. Mom told me take money out of her account to pay for it.
Right now I’m cleaning out the house. I’m also looking online at apartments. I worry if I’m making the right decision. I know that I would prefer to stay in the same neighbourhood. I would like to have a separate space for computer. And it has to be on a decent bus route.
Today is deadline to submit something for Twinless Twins newsletter. I sent in a poem that I wrote. I also have to register for conference pretty soon. Thankfully it’s in Detroit so I don’t have to worry about transportation. Although I still have to take a cab from Greyhound to hotel.
A friend of mine is posting photos from her Snowbird vacation. It looks so peaceful and I’m a little jealous. But it’s now almost 5 months until conference and that’s something to hold on to.

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